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Printing technology: Industrial offset printing, laser printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper material: Couche , Bai Bang, Offset, Fine Arts …

Size: A4, A5, B5, …

Processing: Plastic handle, middle pin, nape, needle press, UV coating, ..


  • Support for obtaining a license to publish a book when printing at AUPRINT
  • Commit to reprint the book if it is in error.
  • Commitment to book quality, product warranty.
  • Test print a free book until you are satisfied.
  • Free book advice.
  • Quick delivery time.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi city with order of over 1 million VND.

Books, newspapers, magazines are huge resources and present regularly in life. Today, with the development of information technology, e-book products also appear quite a lot. However, printed books are still the first choice, by design, paper materials, printing techniques, each book contains different values and messages.

Các mẫu sách đẹp, lạ, độc đáo
The samples of beautiful, strange, unique books


On the market, there are many units receiving books. However, in order to order books with impressive designs, quality and standard sizes, you need to order very large volumes. At the Print Team, we can help you solve these problems. Printing team provides book printing service on demand, with reasonable price and standard quality. The price list of Print Group’s products is always publicly available for customers’ reference. In addition, we also have consultants to advise customers on free designs, paper materials and product sizes.


1. The role of design in improving the value of printed books

Cover design and book presentation are the first impressions of the readers about the product. It conveys the direction of the content of the author, suggesting to the reader the message of the work. Not only that, a part of artistic value is expressed through design. A good content book designed with impressive cover and presentation will increase the value many times. For example, gold foil imprinting technology, unit logo or book name, will make the book more professional and luxurious.

2. Select the appropriate paper material

Good paper material increases readers’ satisfaction when using books. Moreover, for different goals, the author should choose different materials. Come to the Print Group, customers will be consulted on the type of paper material, the amount of paper appropriate to the product.

AUPRINT would like to introduce some popular printing paper for beautiful book printing: flat or offset. With the characteristics of black and white printing, few images and colors of books, these are the two types of printing paper used quite a lot.

If customers prefer a glossy paper surface, couches can be used – a type of paper coated with kaolin to create a glossy, make the printing color brighter when printed on flat, offset paper surface. .

With fine art paper – this is the kind of paper for customers who want to print really premium books.

3. Book sizes are standard

Like book design and presentation, the book’s size also somewhat reflects the purpose of the book. There are many types of sizes, including some common sizes such as: A4 size book (205 x 295 mm), A5 print book (145 x 205 mm), or B5 (170 x 240 mm), … For each size, the cost of printing a book will vary. AUPRINT will advise you on choosing the right size, helping you choose the right cheap service.

4. Printing and processing techniques

At AUPRINT, we use Offset or Laser printing. Depending on the number of books ordered, customers will be advised appropriate printing technology. In small quantities, customers should use Laser printing technology. With this technology, the price of the product will be much cheaper, completion time is also faster. In contrast, Offset printing technology is suitable for bulk book printing orders. This is the technology used on the line of Japanese Mitsubishi 4-color Offset industrial printers.

After printing, it is time to process the book. Customers will choose lamination or glossy book cover. This enhances the book’s aesthetic value, avoids scratching and protects the ink.

Customers will choose the form of binding suitable for products: middle pins, sewing thread – glue binding, glue binding, nape springs, … Each form of packaging is suitable for the size and number of other pages. together.

Máy in offset
Offset printer
Máy in lazer
Lazer printer

5. Kiểm duyệt thiết kế trước khi quyết định đặt in

Khi sử dụng dịch vụ in sách của Nhóm In, khách hàng có thể kiểm duyệt và chỉnh sửa bản thiết kế sách trước khi làm hợp đồng đặt in. Nhóm In luôn mong muốn mang lại cho khách hàng những trải nghiệm tốt nhất và mang đến những sản phẩm chất lượng nhất tới khách hàng.


AUPRINT sends customers detailed quotation of book printing services, magazines and newspapers according to the quantity, paper materials, printing technology … to meet all your needs.


AUPRINT is committed to bringing customers the best products, according to your requirements. We are confident to be one of the cheapest book printing service providers in Hanoi

  • Support for publishing licenses.
  • Commit to reprint if the print book fails.
  • Print a free trial book for customers who are moderating.
  • Get ordered across the country.


Many customers have trusted and used the services of AUPRINT. Below, AUPRINT introduces to you some typical and popular printed book samples:

mẫu sách phổ biến
Popular black and white book template
Thiết kế tạp chí sáng tạo
Creative magazine design
Tạp chí làm đẹp
Beauty magazine
Tạp chí gia đình đời sống
Family life magazine
Mẫu thiết kế sách đẹp mắt
Beautiful book design template
Mẫu tạp chí đời sống
Beautiful book design template
Mẫu tạp chí đẹp
Beautiful Chip magazine template
Mẫu tạp chí
Marketing magazine template
Mẫu sách khổ ngang
Sample horizontal format book about brand identity
Mẫu sách báo lạ mắt
Fancy books and newspapers
Ấn phẩm tạp chí
Magazine publication
Mẫu báo ấn tượng
Impressive newspaper form


If you have questions about where books are good, don’t hesitate to contact the AUPRINT now. AUPRINT is always ready to assist you wherever you are


Thiết kế sách nổi bật, sáng tạo
Outstanding and creative book design
Thiết kế sách độc đáo
Unique book design magazine
Thiết kế sách đẹp mắt
Design beautiful books
Thiết kế sách chuẩn hóa
Standardized book design
Thiết kế sách bắt mắt
Eye-catching book design
Thiết kế mẫu sách
Book template design
Mẫu sách tiêu chuẩn
Standard book template
Hình ảnh sách độc đáo
Unique book images
Mẫu sách theo khổ ngang
Sample book horizontal format
Mẫu sách sang trọng, lịch sự
Book template design
Mẫu sách đẹp mắt
Beautiful book form
In sách độc đáo, ấn tượng
Print unique and impressive books
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