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Printing technology:  Industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper materials:  Bristol,  Kraft, Art …

Size: Various sizes, … 

Processing: Plastic rolling, pressing, embossing, stamping, UV coating, ..


  • Commit to reprint hang tags and hang tags if errors are incorrect.
  • Commitment to quality, product warranty. 
  • Print a free sample of hang tag until you are satisfied.
  • Free design advice.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi with orders of over 1 million.
in tag giấy

Print labels or also have other names: Print hang tags, Print tag hangers, … most used in clothing stores, shoes. So Why print labels and where to print them to be reliable? Let the AUPRINT deal with the items below.

Một số hình ảnh tag giấy, thẻ treo
Một số hình ảnh tag giấy, thẻ treo


Labeling has become a familiar item for everyone. It often appears in clothing stores, shoes, handmade … The label provides all the necessary information about the brand, size, material, place of manufacture … and is usually attached right. back of the product.

Referring to the hang tag, we can mention some of the main uses as follows:

  • A tag will provide all the necessary information for customers so that they can choose the most suitable products for themselves.
  • A clearly labeled product will create trust for customers about the origin, thereby increasing the prestige and class of the brand. The bigger the brand, the better the eye-catching hang tag to attract consumers.
  • This is considered an indirect form of communication so that customers can easily remember and identify the brand. It's a pity that customers want to buy products that get the wrong products of competitors. Tag hangings will solve this problem, it is like the basis to distinguish the competing products against each other and protect the brand from counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods on the market.

Currently on the market there are several major types of hang tags, including: fabric labels (cloth labels, woven labels) and paper labels (paper tags).

  • Fabric marks: there are 2 main types: textile grade and satin grade (printed grade). Each type uses its own material and has different ways of tagging information:
  • Textile marks: Using lumpy fabric to print information, customers can choose from many different materials and colors.
  • Satin label: Use smooth, smooth satin fabric material. Letters are printed in a color that does not fade even when washing.
  • Paper label (Tag paper): This type of label is often printed on many different types of paper: Couches 300, Kraff, Iovry or higher than Art paper.


AUPRINT is a leading prestigious address in Hanoi for printing services. With nearly 10 years of experience, we guarantee to bring customers unique designs with the most reasonable price.

Today, there are many poor quality printing facilities appearing on the market. Therefore, customers should choose for themselves reputable facilities to be able to best promote the functionality of the hang tag. Understanding this, AUPRINT always produces with the slogan: “INCREASE RIGHT VALUE”.

With us, you will get a lot of benefits expressed based on commitment commitments:

  • Commit to standardization, exactly according to customers' designs and designs.
  • Commitment to compensate if not on schedule and the amount of products
  • The model will be manufactured according to the most modern and advanced printing technology line in Vietnam, ensuring the material, size and product quality.
  • Use the highest quality paper and ink for hanging tag printing.
  • Building a team of professional and experienced printing workers and consultants.
  • Fast work process, ensuring receipt and delivery in the shortest time.


Currently AUPRINT can help you estimate the price relatively accurately by clicking on the QUOTATION table below:

In addition, we also have a reference price list so you can see the price range of some samples of hang tags, paper tags, clothing labels. 

“However, the quotation may not be updated in time, for the most accurate and timely quotation please visit the online quotation according to the link above provided by AUPRINT.”

Square mark (4.5cm x 4.5 cm)385đ385đ254đ160đ
Standard grade (4cm x 5.4cm)385đ385đ256đ162đ
Mark stick (2.7cm x 9cm)385đ385đ263đ168đ
Arrow mark (5cm x 8cm)1,100đ528đ378đ234đ


The nature of the hang tag is a small piece of paper with full information about the product to help consumers easily identify the brand and increase competitiveness in the market. The tag has some general information as follows:

  • Size:

+, Paper tags, hang tags have many different sizes and shapes depending on the preferences and needs of customers.

+ For example: 4.5cm x 10cm for rectangular hanging labels or R = 3cm for circular or floral hanging marks.

  • Material:

+, Couches Pindo (Briston): This paper consists of 2 glossy sides with pictures and beautiful colors. Ivory paper with 1 glossy side, 1 slightly rough face.

+, Brown Kraft Paper: Suitable for customers who love the rustic and handmade.

+, Art Paper: Paper quality is relatively high and luxurious, showing the class of the brand.

  • Technical processing:

+, Paper tags, hang tags are usually printed by offset printing technology 4 colors.

+, To know if your paper tag is printed in the background or not, it is very simple.If the color coverage of the paper is less than 50%, it will be considered as not printing the background, if the color of the images, information, the background color is the majority of the background.

+, Usually hang tag, paper tag with paper material Couches Pindo will be processed glossy, matte lamination because this paper material surface is coated with kaolin, so glossy lamination, matt lamination will protect paper surface more durable to avoid broken, dirt, keep the colors more beautiful.

+, For the cheapest cost, you choose lamination film, cut, cut, punched (rectangular tag). The special shape tag must be molded to hold, so the cost is higher.

In addition, customers can use some other machining methods such as:

+, Double compensation: make the tag stronger.

+, Pressing, embossing, stamping … helps tag become more impressive.


Customers can refer to some typical models designed by AUPRINT

If customers want more detailed advice about models, prices, please call us directly at the hotline: 0905 619 168

Nhận in tag giấy tại Hà Nội
Get paper tag printing in Hanoi
Thẻ treo quần Jeans
Jeans hang tag
Thẻ treo quần áo Triumph
Triumph clothing hangers
In thẻ treo quần áo Jackson
Print Jackson clothes hang tag
Thẻ treo in phủ UV
UV printed hang tag
tag giấy treo quần áo Fuze Mebourne
Print paper tags for clothing Fuze Melbourne
Tag giấy Tom and Cindy
Tom and Cindy paper tag
Làm tag giấy The Bride
Make The Bride paper tag
In thẻ treo MenK
Print MenK hang tags
Tag giấy hình con mèo
Cat shaped paper tag
Mẫu tag giấy Grace màu hồng
Grace pink paper tag template
Tag giấy được thúc chìm
Tag paper is submerged
In tag giấy đơn giản Cruz
Print Cruz simple paper tag
Tag giấy bo tròn góc
Tag rounded corners paper


Please contact us to get the best service experience!


Mẫu tag giấy dập chìm
Template for submerged paper tag
Mẫu tag giấy tròn độc đáo
Unique round paper tag template
Mẫu tag giấy hình tam giác
Template for triangle paper tag
Mẫu tag giấy kraft
Template for kraft paper tag
Mẫu tag giấy quần áo đơn giản
Simple clothing tag paper template
Mẫu thẻ treo bế định hình
Template for hanging tag in closing shape
Mẫu thẻ treo quần áo CHEE
Sample of CHEE clothes hangers
Tag giấy bồi đôi
Double cardboard tag
Tag giấy đơn giản
Simple paper tag
Tag giấy in 1 màu
1 color printing paper tag
thiết kế tag reo quần áo
Design tag ringing clothes
In tag giấy quần áo Brand
Print paper tag clothing Brand
Tag giấy treo sản phẩm
Tag paper hanging products
Thẻ treo chất liệu giấy Kraft
Kraft paper hang tag
Thẻ treo đơn giản không in
Simple hang tag does not print
Thiết kế thẻ treo ấn tượng
Impressive hang tag design
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