Printing technology:  Laser printing, Industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper materials:  Couche , Offset, Ivory, Fine Arts …

Size:   Various sizes, … 

Processing: Plastic rolling, metal pressing, embossing, stamping, UV coating, ..


  • Commit to reprint the invitation, the wedding card if there is an error.
  • Commitment to quality, warranty of invitations, wedding cards. 
  • Test color invitations, wedding cards for free until you are satisfied.
  • Advice on invitation cards, wedding cards for free.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi with an invitation card, wedding cards over 1 million.


Invitation cards are letters that carry messages that the sender wants to deliver to the recipient, expressing his or her desire to invite guests present at his event. It could be a wedding party, or a birthday party, it can also be an event to express gratitude to customers, partners of businesses … Many people also use invitation cards to send good wishes. New year.

Each card is the way that the owner of the event communicates with guests. Especially in business, invitations sent to customers or partners also contribute to the image of the business. An invitation card with the owner, with delicate words, somehow helps the business of the business more smoothly.

in thiệp mời giá rẻ tại hà nội
Print cheap invitation cards in Hanoi


“Where to print invitation card to ensure quality?” – AUPRINT is the best answer to this question. Come to AUPRINT – a professional printing company, customers will meet all requirements. We are confident to bring our customers luxurious and sophisticated invitations with the most reasonable price.

Impressive invitation card design

Invitations are important to the success of each event. Therefore, every stage of preparing the invitation should pay attention. At the design stage, it is required to meet requirements such as: suitable to the nature of the event, showing the respect of the inviter, bearing its own impression.

Moreover, when designing the invitation, make sure to fully display the basic content such as: event information (name, location, time, purpose …), event owner, the message sent to guests…

Standard size when designing invitations

Is one size supposed to be the standard of invitations? The answer is no. Along with the variety of events, the messages, the different tastes of the invites each card has a different size. 

If many years ago, invitations often appeared in rectangular shapes, now, their shapes are extremely diverse with many sizes, be it square or whatever shape. 

At AUPRINT, we will advise you to help you choose the most satisfactory invitations, with your own signature.

Select the appropriate paper type to print the invitation

Paper material when printing invitations is also quite diverse. Among them, art paper is the most used paper. This paper creates high-class, luxurious invitations. There are also other types of paper such as Astropack, Tant … 

In order to learn more about each type of material, please contact AUPRINT, we are always ready to answer questions and advise customers to choose the most appropriate material.

Modern printing techniques applied to invitation cards

AUPRINT currently uses two of the most modern printing techniques in Vietnam: Offset printing and laser printing. Offset printing using high-tech Japanese printer system, will be very suitable for orders printed in large quantities. Laser printing, on the other hand, is a solution that helps customers print small invitations at a cheaper price, while ensuring quality.

Processing technology enhances the value of invitations

After printing, the invitation cards will be processed. Some of the common processing technologies used when printing invitation cards: platinum, gold, submerged, embossed, etc. Depending on the design and requirements of the customer, the Print Group will use the appropriate technology. .


Below is a detailed quotation of AUPRINT invitation service. You can estimate direct printing costs here.

“We always try to provide our customers with the best quality products. Any errors in the printing process, the Print Team takes full responsibility, and commits to reprinting for customers. We provide services. before deciding to order prints, customers will be checked back on the design until satisfied. “


Customers can refer to some models of wedding invitations, conferences, birthdays … are products of AUPRINT. These are all popular with many customers.

in thiệp mời hội nghị
Print conference invitation card
làm thiệp cưới hà nội
Making wedding cards in Hanoi
Mẫu thiệp mời ấn tượng
An impressive invitation card template
Mẫu thiệp mời cưới
Mẫu thiệp mời cưới
Mẫu thiệp mời cưới đẹp
Beautiful wedding invitation template
Mẫu thiệp mời nhà hàng
Restaurant invitation card template
Mẫu thiệp mời đơn giản
Simple invitation template
Mẫu thiệp mời khai trương cửa hàng
Store opening invitation card template
Mẫu thiệp mời sự kiện
Template for event invitation
Thiệp mời đám cưới
Wedding invitation
Thiệp mời khai trương
Card invited opened
Thiết kế thiệp mời đám cưới đáng yêu
Card invited opened



in thiệp chúc mừng năm mới
Print new year greeting cards
in thiệp cưới đẹp
Print beautiful wedding cards
In thiệp mời cưới sang trọng
Luxury wedding invitation print
In thiệp mời độc đáo
Print unique invitation cards
In thiệp mời giấy Kraft
Print of invitations Kraft paper
In thiệp mời sự kiện
Print event invitation card
Mẫu thiệp cưới đẹp
Beautiful wedding card template
Mẫu thiệp đám cưới
Wedding card template
Mẫu thiệp mời dự tiệc
Template for party invitation
Mẫu thiệp mời hội nghị cổ đông
Template for invitation to shareholders meeting
Mẫu thiệp mời kỷ niệm thành lập công ty
Template for invitations to celebrate a company
Mẫu thiệp mời sang trọng
Luxury invitation card template
Mẫu thiệp mời tinh tế
Exquisite invitation card template
Mẫu thiệp mời tri ân khách hàng
Customer appreciation invitation card template
Nhận in thiệp mời tại Hà Nội
Get printed invitation card in Hanoi
Thiệp mời dự tiệc cưới
Wedding invitation card
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