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Cprinting technology: industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper materials: Couche, Kraft, Fine Arts …

Size: Optional size 

Processing: Plastic roll, UV coating, metal pressing, die forming …


  • Commit to reprint the cold carton box if there is an error.
  • Commitment to quality, warranty for cold carton box products.
  • Test print the color of a free cold carton box to a satisfied customer.
  • Free cold carton advice, no difference of invoice.
  • Order prints in all provinces, free shipping in Hanoi with cold carton box orders on 1 million.


Different from other types of corrugated carton boxes. Rigid boxes are made of high density compressed wood fibers but unlike wood they are more homogeneous and contain no particles. The premium rigid boxes have very luxurious advantages, good water resistance, high hardness against impact. Because of these advantages, rigid boxes are used by many customers to store high-end products such as moon cake boxes, gift boxes, phone boxes, watches, …

mẫu hộp đựng quà sony
Sample of gift boxes with high quality silver twisted parachute straps


+ Size: Depending on the product you want to contain and the needs you want, AUPRINT will give advice accordingly. However, you can also refer to some rigid box designs below.

+ Material: rigid box with a core of cold carton and outer surface is covered with paper. Paper mache you can use Couches paper or Kraft paper. Typically if printing in multiple colors, you should use paper material Couches. However, if you like vintage style, you can use Kraft paper. In addition to increasing the elegance and aesthetics, Art Paper paper is a very suitable choice

+ Print technique: Today rigid boxes are not simply boxes. Businesses and companies always want to promote their brand with many ads on the box. Currently printing rigid boxes with industrial offset printing system helps to print large quantities and cheaper prices.

+ Processing technique: Because of its elegance and high aesthetics, the rigid box is processed a lot of stages. To increase the aesthetic, people often use additional processing methods such as metal pressing, uv coating, die-cutting, etc.



Currently on the market there are many quotes printed rigid box but not detailed and complete. Understanding that, the AUPRINT team has developed an online quotation system to support calculation and optimization of costs for all cases. You should refer to the quotation according to the link below:


AUPRINT is a printing unit with many years of experience not only reputable in Hanoi but with all customers across the country. We always have clear commitments to customers:

  • Willing to take responsibility and pay compensation if the error belongs to AUPRINT
  • Free design consultancy and free sample test printing until customers are satisfied.
  • There are modern printing machinery systems imported directly from the US, Germany, Japan ... equipment systems and printing techniques are always upgraded.
  • The larger the quantity is, the cheaper it is for printing
  • Free shipping in Hanoi with orders over 1 million vietnamese dong


in hộp giấy màu đen
Rigid box for business gift set
Hộp carton lạnh đựng giày cao cấp
Rigid box, high quality shoes
mẫu hộp quà yến việt
Sample Yen Viet gift box
Rigid box of coffee mink color wood grain
Kiểu hộp carton lạnh bao diêm khay phủ nhung
Box-style rigid box with velvet-covered tray
sản xuất hộp quà tặng cao cấp
Producing high-end gift boxes
mẫu hộp trà việt do AUPRINT sản xuất
A sample of high-class Vietnamese tea box produced by AUPRINT
hộp đựng bánh trung thu cao cấp AUPRINT
Sample high-end moon cake box
In hộp carton lạnh tại Hà Nội
Print rigid box in Hanoi
Hộp carton lạnh - Hộp quà tết 2020
Rigid box - 2020 New Year gift box manufacturing Group

Details of Phung An rigid box


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